A time saver for teachers

For busy teachers, jmc offers a host of tools to simplify student assessment and classroom management. From seating charts to lesson plans and progress reports to test scores, jmc puts teachers at the front of the class.

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"The people who work for jmc are their number one asset. There has never been a time in my working with them that my questions couldn't be answered, and my ideas are always welcomed. The program is very user-friendly and accessible. As an administrator, I appreciate all of the ways I can use jmc for student reporting and data collection.”
—Heather McKay, Principal, Atlantic High School (IA)


jmc's digital gradebook saves teachers the hassle of calculating grades by hand and reduces the risk of human error. Teachers can use the gradebook to

  • Track student grades on assignments, tests, quizzes, projects and more
  • Calculate and submit grades by term (semester, quarter, trimester or hex)
  • Generate and email progress reports

Competency-based grading

jmc also supports competency-based teaching and assessment. Teachers can:

  • Create and record formative assessments
  • Link assignments to benchmarks to calculate results
  • Generate standards & benchmarks report cards


Tracking student behavior can take away valuable time from teaching. jmc simplifies the process, allowing teachers to

  • Submit discipline referrals to the front office
  • Communicate with families about disciplinary violations
"jmc is very user-friendly, and their customer service is outstanding. The state and regional trainings provided by jmc are always informative, and I come home with new information for my teachers and office staff."
—Carla Christensen, Human Resources Director
Audubon Community School District (IA)

Solutions for the entire school community

Front Office Staff

Generate reports and streamline administrative tasks.

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Track student progress, pay school fees and more.

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Coaches, Nurses & Others

Manage activities, food services and student health.

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