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School administration isn't confined to the front office or the classroom. jmc also has tools to help coaches, advisors, and health and food services professionals do their work more quickly and efficiently.

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"As an administrator, I'm particularly grateful for the apps. The administrative and coach's apps are an easy way to keep up-to-date with anything from attendance to messaging."
—Carey Johnson, Principal
Parkers Prairie High School (MN)


jmc's mobile Coach Advisor app makes it easy to manage extracurricular activities on the go. Users can

  • Set team rosters
  • Message families
  • Look up student contact details

Food Services

Manage school meals from high-level menu planing to lunchline sales. Features include

  • Point-of-sale software
  • Free or reduced-price status designation
  • Detailed reporting of both meals and à la carte purchases


jmc health module manages all your school’s health needs in one easy-to-use program. School health professionals can

  • Manage, update and search student health records
  • View student health histories
  • Track office visits, health screenings and medication
  • Maintain immunization records
"The best part of working with jmc is the friendly staff. They're only a phone call or email away and respond so quickly! Any staff member can contact tech support as needed, too!"
—Paula Jensen, Secretary
Elgin Public Schools (IA)

Solutions for the entire school community

Front Office Staff

Generate reports and streamline administrative tasks.

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Access assessment and classroom management tools.

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Track student progress, pay school fees and more.

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