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For over 40 years, jmc software has helped schools run more efficiently. We’ve grown and innovated, but our goal has never changed: To empower schools through technology so they can focus on what matters—student success.

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Solutions for the entire school community

Front Office Staff

Generate reports and streamline administrative tasks.

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Access assessment and classroom management tools.

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Track student progress, pay school fees and more.

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Coaches, Nurses & Others

Manage activities, food services and student health.

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"I highly recommend jmc to any school district. Their commitment to excellence in product growth and customer service has kept our school district a jmc customer for over 37 years."
—Carl V. Menk, Director of Information Technologies & Facilities
Tri-City United Schools (MN)

Right tools, right price

We keep our software affordable and modular by design. It’s just one of the many reasons schools choose jmc over big-name competitors.

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What's happening at jmc

June 21, 2024

jmc’s Community Messenger: One Tool to Empower Your Entire District Community

Streamline communications for your school district or community organization through jmc’s messaging app with flexible options like text-to-voice. Read the blog post.


August 30, 2023

Messaging Tools That Unite an Entire School Community

Student support teams need current information and accessible communication methods in order to collaborate effectively. jmc’s messaging tools help provide real-time updates, higher accessibility, and better delivery outcomes. This article explains how the result is a united school community.


July 10, 2023

Tools That Unite a School Community

School districts often find themselves dedicating excessive time to using complex and inefficient tools for mundane tasks, detracting from their ability to focus on promoting student success. jmc offers a comprehensive suite of solutions that bring together the entire school community while reducing stress and using resources more efficiently. Our most recent blog explores the top three ways jmc can help unify your school community.

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