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For over 40 years, jmc software has helped schools run more efficiently. We’ve grown and innovated, but our goal has never changed: To empower schools through technology so they can focus on what matters—student success.

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Generate reports and streamline administrative tasks.

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Access assessment and classroom management tools.

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Track student progress, pay school fees and more.

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Manage activities, food services and student health.

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"I highly recommend jmc to any school district. Their commitment to excellence in product growth and customer service has kept our school district a jmc customer for over 37 years."
—Carl V. Menk, Director of Information Technologies & Facilities
Tri-City United Schools (MN)

Right tools, right price

We keep our software affordable and modular by design. It’s just one of the many reasons schools choose jmc over big-name competitors.

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What's happening at jmc

December 14, 2022

4 Essential Elements of a Family Outreach Strategy

A proactive family outreach strategy is a must-have for today’s schools. It saves time by preventing miscommunication and increases student success by keeping home and school connected. In this article, we’ve put together a list of the 4 most essential elements a family outreach strategy needs.


November 23, 2022

jmc Solutions Help Schools and Families Collaborate Early and Often

jmc created tools that help families and schools collaborate early and often. Our latest blog will show you how utilizing jmc Teacher Conference Scheduler, Grading, and Online Registration modules from jmc can help you catch potential issues before they become problems.


October 28, 2022

What grading solution fits your school best?

Grading is no longer a one-size-fits-all solution. If your school wants to move toward a standards-based grading system, jmc offers 6 grading solutions to meet the evolving needs of your district. We’ve shared five questions to answer that will help you decide which one might fit your district best.

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