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We believe that when schools can focus more of their funds on supporting students, everyone wins. That’s why our plans include our world-class support, trainings and implementations, all for an affordable price. Your success in the system is our goal. If you have any questions or special requests, please contact our sales team.

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"We utilize jmc on a daily basis to complete various reports and information needed in-house and on the state level. We’ve been with jmc for approximately 18 years and have enjoyed watching them grow and improve the various options they offer. As a high school principal, I’m hopeful Superior Public Schools will stay with them into the foreseeable future."
—Bob Cook, Secondary Principal
Superior Public Schools (NE)

Product Plans*

jmc offers several affordable product plans, all of which include our world-class support, trainings, and implementations. If you have any questions about our product plans or special requests, contact our sales team at

jmc Light**

jmc Light is a streamlined yet powerful version of the jmc experience. Perfect for private and smaller public schools, the plan includes the core modules necessary to get up and running with our software

  • Attendance
  • Period attendance
  • Schedule and grades
Starting at
$5.50/student + license fee***

jmc Full

jmc Full offers all of our 25+ modules and mobile apps, making it ideal for larger schools and those ready to graduate from jmc Light. Popular modules available in the Full plan include

  • Tuition and fees
  • Online Payments
  • Coach Advisor mobile app
Starting at
$11.00/student + license fee***

jmc Custom

jmc Custom allows schools to build customized software systems from our menu of offerings. Contact ustoday to speak to one of our sales specialists for more details.

Starting price varies. Per-student and license fees*** apply.

*Current as of 1/1/21. Product features and pricing subject to change. Additional fees may apply.
**jmc Light customers can substitute the State Reporting module for Period Attendance or Schedules and Grades if desired.
***License fee includes installation and onboarding, customer support, all training resources, data storage and posting and ongoing maintenance. Fee starts at $1,000 and increases based on school size, number of users and selected features.

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