With jmc Administrators Can Ditch the Desk

March 18, 2023

Building relationships with students and staff is an integral part of a school administrator’s role. In general, face-to-face interactions are the best way to build the connection and community that contribute to a successful school climate. But if administrators are not at their computer, how do they access the information that is key to building that valuable connection and community? The jmc Admin Connect app (available for iOS and Android) gives them real-time, on-the-go access to student information. Users can find students and their demographic information, enter and review student and family communication records, send out mass text and voice messages, and more with just a few taps.

Let’s take a deeper look at how jmc empowers administrators to ditch their desks and still have access to all the information they need.

View statistics for your district: Monitoring a wide variety of data while on the go allows administrators to have the pulse of their district in their hand. Use the dashboard for any day you choose to monitor a wide variety of data. Simply select a date and the information displayed is instantly updated.

  • Pupil Count: shows how many students are enrolled.
  • Total Absences: tallies the number of students absent for a full day.
  • Attendance %: displays the percentage of the student body currently present.
  • Meals Served: shows the total number of breakfasts and lunches served.

Communicate to key stakeholders: The Message Center feature allows administrators to utilize a combination of communication methods to communicate effectively with families. From mass phone messages to individual emails, administrators can even check who received their communication by viewing the Messaging Logs.

  • Email Messages: Send an email in the moment rather than waiting to return to the office.
  • Text Messages: Safely send and receive text messages.
  • Phone Call (Text to Voice): Send a voice message read from text.
  • Record a Message: Send a recorded message to be sent out immediately to all primary contacts or save it to be sent out at a later time as a Recorded Phone Call.
  • Recorded Phone Call: Save a pre-recorded voice message in your district's jmc Office database.

View important student body information: Administrators can connect with their students on the go! Simply bring up the “Student Data” screen to see all the contacts for a student and basic student demographic information. Need to connect with them in the moment? Tap their contact name and then their email address or phone number to communicate with them on the spot!

Encourage your SUPs and principles to download and start using jmc’s Admin Connect app today!

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