What grading solution fits your school best?

November 17, 2022

As education evolves, grading is no longer a one-size-fits-all solution. If your school wants to move toward a standards-based grading system, jmc offers 6 grading solutions to meet the evolving needs of your district. From how to share student progress, to offering quick and easy solutions when it's time to communicate grades to families, jmc has everything your school needs to successfully track student progress to meet your district’s philosophy of learning and student achievement. Based on the way your teachers calculate grades, you can see what grading solution might work for you:

1. Do your teachers prefer to utilize a method for tracking student progress outside of jmc, such as a paper/pencil gradebook or a spreadsheet? If yes, then “entering summative results on a standards-based report card” might be the jmc grading solution for you.

At the end of the term, teachers enter standards-based summative results for each of their students with just a few clicks.

2. Do your teachers utilize points and percentages (including LMS grading options such as Google Classroom) to track formative progress and arrive at a summative standard-based result? If yes, then “Calculating assignment score results to the standards-based report card” might be the solution for you. Use traditional categories for grading, such as tests, quizzes, and homework along with assignment scores, but also produce standards-based results on a report card. 

Simply transfer the results from the assignment scores gradebook to the standards-based report card at the end of the term!

3. Do your teachers utilize a formative assessment approach to instruction that includes pre-assessment, practice, and multiple re-assessment opportunities? If yes, then “jmc's Competency-Based Grading (CBG) module” might be the solution for you.

Track formative assessment results of priority standards and transfer those results summatively to a standards-based report card. With the CBG module, you can utilize a gradebook that focuses on giving feedback that moves learning forward, focus the intended learning on your identified priority standards, and easily provide assessment opportunities that show student progress toward the intended goal.

4. Is your school unconcerned with end-of-term reporting as long as stakeholders can track student progress throughout the year? If yes, then using the CBG module to track formative assessment results for feedback purposes might be the solution for you. 

You’ll be able to communicate the intended learning goals and track student progress toward those goals. You can also utilize all of the Competency-Based Grading feedback tools without attaching the results to a summative course grade or standards and benchmarks result. Last but certainly not least, you can keep students and parents in the loop with formative assessment feedback via the jmc Student and jmc Family portals.

5. Do your teacher’s assess student achievement based on points and percentages? If yes, jmc has the traditional grading system of points, percentages, and letter grades too! Benefit from our outstanding customer service and streamlined software without using standards and benchmarks

Answering these questions is just the start of determining which grading solution is right for you. Our grading team will help customize your system to match your learning philosophy – and we’ll save you time and resources too!