Weekly Webinar Series: New Fall Schedule

October 1, 2019

Starting this month, jmc has a new schedule for our weekly webinar series. Attendees have access to Q&As on topics of interest, demos of new and lesser-known features and training sessions to help new users get acquainted with the software. 

Webinars take place every Wednesday at 12:30 PM Central. Each one runs for 30-45 minutes and is presented by Eric Padget, jmc’s head of client services, alongside different jmc team members. You can view an archive of past webinars here

The schedule for October is below. To register, log in to either your jmc Office or jmc Online Teacher account and visit the homepage. For further questions, please contact support@jmcinc.com. And if you have any topics you’d like us to cover in a future webinar, we welcome your suggestions at training@jmcinc.com!


New Release Thursday

WHEN: 10/2/2019 / 12:30 PM   

PRESENTER(S): Jeff Post, Development and Sales Specialist / Bill McElmury, Head of Development & CEO

At jmc, we’re constantly innovating. See what's included in the latest release!

Explore the New jmc  

WHEN: 10/9/2019 / 12:30 PM   

PRESENTER(S): Eric Padget, Head of Client Services

We've worked our tails off this summer and have a ton of news to share. Everything from our new website to our latest referral program is up for discussion.

Ending the Term: Teachers       

WHEN: 10/16/2019 / 12:30 PM

PRESENTER(S): Paul Freid, Head of Training

You heard us right, teachers. The end of term is nearing! Let Paul set you up for end-of-term success.

Ending the Term: Office Users 

WHEN: 10/23/2019 / 12:30 PM

PRESENTER(S): Scott Swartz, Client Services Specialist

Calling all Office pros, the term is almost over! Let one of our Client Service Specialists show you how to end the term? 

New Release Thursday

WHEN: 10/23/19 / 2:00 PM       

PRESENTER(S): Jeff Post, Development and Sales Specialist / Bill McElmury, Head of Development & CEO

We've been hard at work around here, and more innovations are on the way! See what's included in the latest release.