Tools That Unite a School Community

July 9, 2023

School districts often find themselves dedicating excessive time to using complex and inefficient tools for mundane tasks, detracting from their ability to focus on promoting student success. That’s why jmc developed unique tool sets to address common issues in areas like messaging, communication, collaboration, and more.  We offer a comprehensive suite of solutions that bring together the entire school community while reducing stress and using resources more efficiently. Here are the top three ways jmc can help unify your school community.

Community-family-school engagement help unify a school community
For a truly unified district, the community has to be informed and involved in educational and extra-curricular activities. jmc’s messaging tools keep everyone connected by allowing district stakeholders to efficiently deliver personalized messages via text, email, and phone calls, ensuring prompt and effortless communication.

Schools can involve families and the community in activities by using our engagement tools to purchase school swag and tickets online. And with our suite of collaboration tools, families and the community can be involved in the education process through online registration and easy teacher conference scheduling.

Holistic student success helps unify a school community
jmc involves stakeholders within schools, families, and the community to ensure students are at their best physically, emotionally, and academically. Our academics and classroom management tools manage every facet of student attendance and allows homeroom teachers to closely monitor their students’ academic progress and attendance in all classes.

While in the classroom, jmc's behavior tools provide administrators and teachers with effective tools to communicate and track both positive and negative behavior patterns in real-time. Throughout the day jmc's wellness tools efficiently handle health conditions, immunizations, and medications while monitoring student participation in extracurricular activities. And when it comes to academic work, jmc's grading tools provide students and families with a clear understanding of student progress and achievement.

Efficient school operations help unify a school community
While it may not get the most attention, a school’s operations are an important factor in a unified school community, and from scheduling to collecting payments, jmc can ensure a school is operating smoothly. jmc's financial tools ensure that the district can effectively charge and receive payments for any additional costs associated with students. On the other hand, the State Reporting module handles the important task of accurately reporting all students to the state, ensuring the district receives its complete annual funding. Additionally, jmc's meal management tools offer families and the district transparency by providing access to student meal accounts, including purchase history and payment details.

On the other side of operations, jmc's schedules and course registration tools efficiently handle all aspects of student class schedules, providing comprehensive management throughout the school year. These modules enable students to sign up for their desired classes while ensuring a balanced master schedule based on student requests and teacher class load. Ongoing insight into student schedules is readily available, allowing for easy tracking by class, teacher, and grade level.

With jmc, one platform integrates numerous tool sets to unite multiple stakeholders as one school community. Interested in learning more about how jmc’s tools can help unite your school community? Join us on June 29 for our webinar "Tools that Unite an Entire School Community." Register here today!