Our Customer Service Values

October 9, 2019

jmc was built on a foundation of service back when founder John McElmury first took time from his teaching job to build a program that made his colleagues’ lives easier. Today, customer service is woven into every aspect of our business, from our intuitive software controls to our regional network of support specialists. It’s a value we believe in so deeply that we offer free support and training with all our product plans. 

Our commitment to customer support doesn’t begin and end with simply making it available. Specifically, we believe top-notch support should offer

  • Unlimited assistance for the long haul. Our goal is to make our software so easy to use customers won’t need support. But if they do, we work with them for as long as it takes—and at no extra charge—to ensure their success within our system. 
  • Fast response times. When you work in education, every minute of the day is precious. That’s why when our customers send us a message, we get back to them within 24 hours every time.
  • The human touch. We have a team of trained support specialists so customers never have to deal with confusing chatbots or endless recorded messages.
  • Help for all users. There’s no limit to the number of users who can contact our support team. We think support should be available to all jmc users, whether or not they’re a team lead or tech director for their school.
  • Diverse support options. Every school is a one-of-a-kind place filled with unique individuals. So it makes sense to offer a range of support options for all kinds of users. Our offerings include: phone and email assistance, remote desktop support where a jmc specialist shares your screen, and an extensive library of downloadable how-tos for common user tasks.

When customers choose to work with us, they’re not just purchasing software. They’re looking for a partner who can help their school run as smoothly and efficiently as possible. And that partnership starts with top-notch customer service.

To learn more about the many ways jmc can support your school, contact support@jmcinc.com. To schedule a free software demo, click the red “try jmc” button above or contact sales@jmcinc.com.