Messaging Tools That Unite an Entire School Community

August 16, 2023

Helping students succeed requires a united effort: parents, teachers, coaches, administrators, etc., all play an important role. In order to be united they need to collaborate, and their collaboration depends on access to current information and the ability to communicate when needed. jmc's all-inclusive array of messaging tools, featuring the Office and Teacher Message Centers as well as the newly launched Community Messenger, serve as a mass-messaging solution that enables district stakeholders to quickly deliver customized, informative text, email, and phone messages through leveraging existing student and contact information. The result is a united school community. Here are the top three ways jmc’s messaging tools make a united school community possible.

Real-time updates improve communication
The foundation of a united school community is up-to-date information. In today’s fast-moving society, updating information once a quarter or even once a month is no longer enough. All members need to know that the decisions they are making are based on accurate information. With jmc’s messaging tools, schools are empowered with real-time communication between parents, teachers, and administrators that allows for timely updates on and response to student progress, behavior, and important school information. Plus, keeping track of communication is simple because jmc’s messaging tools provide a digital record of communication exchanges, making it easy to track and refer back to past conversations and important information.

Accessibility increases engagement
Keeping information current is vital, but its effectiveness is muted when it’s complicated to access. With jmc’s messaging tools, schools can provide a centralized platform for all communication and information sharing among teachers, administrators, and staff, fostering teamwork and improving productivity. Communication tools in jmc can be accessed from various devices, including computers, tablets, and smartphones, ensuring accessibility for all users. All of this comes without the need for third-party software because the messaging tools seamlessly integrate with other jmc modules and portals to provide a comprehensive platform.

Flexible messaging options ensure delivery
A message left unread or unheard is useless, which is why jmc’s messaging tools provide easy audience segmentation. This ensures that recipients receive targeted and relevant messages, promoting engagement by delivering information specifically tailored to their needs and roles. Schools can also utilize multiple communication methods which increases the chances of message delivery and ensures reliable and efficient communication among team members.

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