Message Received: jmc’s Communications Tools Unite the Entire School Community

February 24, 2020

Clear, timely communication is vital to managing any school system, and jmc takes that to heart. We streamline communication tasks with a variety of tools everyone can use, from administrators, teachers, and special education directors to coaches, nurses, families, and many more.

Here are just a few ways jmc supports communication:

  • School Announcements: With our fully integrated voice and text Message Center, schools can not only communicate cancellations effortlessly, but also contact specific groups by grade level, activity, course, and even bus number.
  • Accommodations and Medical Plans: When students have special education accommodations or medical emergency plans, it’s important that everyone on their school team is on the same page. With jmc, educators can share accommodations and medical plans in a student’s record with the click of a button.
  • Attendance Alerts: Families can sign up to receive email alerts if a student is absent or tardy. The jmc Office program can also auto-call families of students who are absent for unknown reasons.
  • Online Registration: Save paper and collect information from families more efficiently with our online registration program. Families can also use jmc software to complete their free and reduced-price (FRP) meal applications online.

To learn more about how jmc’s communication tools can help your district or school, contact our sales team. They’re happy to chat with you at 800.524.8182 Ext. 2 or by email at