Looking back, looking forward: jmc’s year in review

January 8, 2021

We can all probably agree that we’ll be glad to see the back of this unprecedented (aren’t you sick of that word?) year. Yet humanity largely rose to those unprecedented challenges, learned sometimes painful lessons about ourselves and our world, and found a surplus of adaptability and creativity we may not have even known we had. You likely surprised yourself a time or two with your resourcefulness and resilience. Well, we feel the same about our jmc family.

Here are just a few of jmc’s recent achievements and milestones we’re particularly proud of: 

  1. We put the finishing touches on the jmc Family App. We’re perfectionists, for sure---we’ve been hard at work on this app all year, getting it just right for our students’ families. And with every stride forward, we’ve been dying to share it with you. But it’s in the finishing stages, and in 2021 we’ll finally be able to make this amazing app available. Trust us: It’ll be worth the wait.
  2. jmc turned 40! All year, we’ve been sharing on our Twitter feed various “back in the day” tweets about what was happening 40 years ago, some of them just for fun. But 1980 feels like a momentous year in terms of how technology started to shift, and education experts were signalling that changes needed to happen. We’re so proud that we’ve existed and evolved all these years to become the company we are today.
  3. Business actually grew! No one was exactly prepared for 2020. But like many businesses, small and large, we learned to think on our feet. We were nimble, we evolved, and it turned out that our services were actually more in demand during this time. We’re excited that we were able to welcome so many new schools to our family this year!
  4. You helped us get better. We’ve always tried to be attuned to our customers’ needs, and ready to evolve to meet them. But with UserVoice, we took it to the next level. This was our first full year using the system, and in 2021 we are incorporating over 220 user-submitted ideas. Thank you!

We hope and believe 2021 will be a better year for the world as a whole, and we’re excited to see what it brings. But at the same time, we’re grateful for and humbled by our perseverance, both at jmc and in the world at large.