jmc Solutions Help Schools and Families Collaborate Early and Often

November 23, 2022

jmc knows the best time for collaboration is before issues arise. That’s why we’ve created tools that help families and schools collaborate early and often, strengthening relationships that increase student success. Continue reading to learn how you can use jmc’s unique modules to make sure families and schools have the information they need when it matters most.

Increase Family Engagement in Teacher Conferences 

Teacher conferences are an opportune time for collaboration that can catch potential issues before they develop. But if conferences are time-consuming and stressful, families are less likely to attend and meaningful collaboration can be missed. jmc developed the Teacher Conference Scheduler module as a way to streamline, simplify, and de-stress the entire process for families, teachers, and front office professionals. 

The module allows schools to post-conference schedules online that teachers have modified to reflect when they will be unavailable due to IEP meetings, meal breaks, etc. Teachers can reserve blocks and/or override appointments on behalf of families, allowing more time for students with greater needs and less for families looking for a brief check-in. Families can see conferences for all of their children on one screen, then sign up for available time slots themselves, ensuring they can plan an efficient schedule that works for them. 

Facilitate Registration When It Works Best For Families 

Registration is one of the most important processes that a school does each year. It’s an opportunity to start school-family collaboration before a new school year even begins, leading to stronger relationships between schools and families. It can also be a time-consuming process leading to incomplete or missing student information that schools need for prevention and early intervention. 

With jmc's Online Registration module both families and districts benefit. Families benefit because they can fill out their child’s registration forms wherever and whenever it works best for them, and districts benefit because they receive complete, current information that office professionals don’t have to manually type into the computer.

Gather Free/Reduced Meals Applications During Registration

Complete free/reduced meal applications while you already have families’ attention. During online registration, families can enter the necessary income and household information online. Then schools submit the information to jmc, and we process it for you. You’ll have complete information from the start to ensure students are receiving the nutrition they need to fuel their academic success.

Communicate Academic Progress Early and Often

A key to student success is identifying areas of concern as soon as possible. Families obviously are not in the classroom, so they rely on teacher communication to ensure they know if their student is struggling in an area, allowing them to intervene before learning is lost. jmc’s six innovative grading solutions make it possible to communicate early and often about academic progress without creating added stress for teachers or front office staff. 

Ready to strengthen your partnership with families?

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If you already have jmc Online Registration and Teacher Conference Scheduler but want to learn more about how to better leverage the features, check out our many helpful resources on our YouTube channel.