jmc Makes Student Success a Family Affair

April 7, 2022

jmc knows that the greatest partner for student success is the family. That’s why we’ve created tools that help families become and stay engaged in education, helping contribute to a community of support for student success. But is your school fully leveraging the power of these allies? Continue reading to learn how you can increase family engagement in education through jmc’s unique modules.

Increase Family Engagement in Teacher Conferences by Simplifying the Process

While most will agree that teacher conferences are a vital opportunity for families to engage in their student’s education, it can also be unnecessarily stressful—especially for families who have more than one student to attend conferences for— which can lead to a decrease in family engagement. jmc developed the Teacher Conference Scheduler module as a way to streamline, simplify, and de-stress the entire process for families, teachers, and front office professionals.

The module allows schools to post conference schedules online that teachers have modified to reflect when they will be unavailable due to IEP meetings, meal breaks, etc. Teachers can also set the time and length of conferences and reserve blocks and/or override appointments on behalf of families, allowing flexibility for more time for students with greater needs and less for families looking for a brief check in. Families can see conferences for all of their kiddos on one screen, then sign up for available time slots themselves, ensuring they can plan an efficient schedule that works for them.

Make Engagement Possible When It Works Best For Families

Family engagement is important every day, not just during teacher conferences. But families are busy: Sometimes lack of involvement in their students’ education is as simple as not having enough time in the day.

That’s where jmc’s Family portal and mobile app can be a game-changer in drawing families into the school community. jmc Family serves as the window into school for families of students and streamlines activities like maintaining student meal accounts, viewing report cards and lesson plans, submitting contact information updates, and much more.

Best of all, thanks to the jmc Family app (available for iOS and Android) families can engage when it works best for them, getting real-time student information on the go. Important information on student grades, attendance, and activities is always just a few clicks away. Families can also read updates on classes and events in the newsfeed, schedule absences for upcoming trips and medical appointments, and manage meal accounts directly from the app—all while waiting in line at the grocery store or during halftime at a school soccer game.

Ready to deepen your families’ engagement in education?

Schedule a no-obligation consultation today by contacting our sales team at When we meet we’ll discuss your school’s unique needs and how jmc software can be customized to meet them. We’ll also demo our software and answer any questions you may have.

If you already have jmc Family and Teacher Conference Scheduler but want to learn more about how to better leverage the features, check out our many helpful resources on our YouTube channel and Intercom!