4 Reasons jmc Coach/Advisor is the Perfect Assistant

April 25, 2023

Coaches and advisors are valuable members of a student’s success team. Many students attribute their motivation to do well in school to their coach or advisor’s influence. So it makes sense that schools want to ensure the experience of coaching or advising is positive in order to encourage them to return. One of the most frustrating, yet avoidable, issues is the dependence that they have on office professionals, families, and health professionals for important information that impacts them, such as information on eligibility, attendance, and contact. With jmc's Coach/Advisor app, coaches and advisors have in-the-moment access to their players inside and outside of the classroom.

  1. Rosters: The team or club roster is important information! From getting started on day one to keeping track of who may have decided to no longer be involved, coaches and advisors need easy access to active members of their team. With jmc’s Coach/Advisor app, they always have an up-to-date roster available whenever and wherever they need it.
  2. Communication: Canceling practice? Moving the meeting location? There is vital information that coaches and advisors inevitably need to quickly communicate, and they need to have an effective and safe communication channel. Whether it’s updating families via text or sending a quick email to an office professional, jmc Coach/Advisors makes it simple and easy to keep everyone in the know.
  3. Attendance: Coaches and advisors play an important role in enacting a school’s extracurriculuar attendance policy, so up-to-date information is vital – if a player has an unexcused absence and shouldn’t play in the game, a coach needs to know that before the game begins. Timely information is also important for effective preparation. Whether it’s choosing the debate team lineup or who will play catcher, jmc Coach/Advisor makes sure leaders have the information they need, when they need it.
  4. Eligibility: Coaches rely on health professionals to determine when a player is safe to return to play, so ensuring injury/illness information is updated is essential. When coaches check their roster in jmc Coaches/Advisor, they are automatically notified of which players are ineligible to play. For advance planning, it can even note the date they are approved to return. Avoid miscommunication and stay in compliance with your district's policy by having easy access to player eligibility from injury or illness.

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