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    We are ready for the 2018-2019 school year and you can be too!

    Order your JMC software for the 2018-2019 school year by clicking here to download the Getting Ready for 18-19 form.

    For over 30 years JMC has combined the elements of Simplicity, Affordability, and Support to offer the finest in Student Record Management Software. We understand that you face an ever-changing array of tasks so our software is continually evolving to accommodate clients’ requests.


    • JMC is delighted to announce our new fully integrated JMC Message Center! The Message Center allows you to quickly and efficiently communicate with Parents and Students.The JMC Message Center allows for the following: 1) Emails 2) Short Message Service (text messaging or texting) 3) Voice Calls/Voice Mail. Click here to download information about the message center.
    • MARSS Summer Drops


    • “Thank you to JMC for a great student management program.  I've used JMC since 1989 and have always found the service and software reliability excellent.  The JMC staff always takes suggestions for modification which further allows JMC to meet our school needs."

      Chris Habben
      Principal, Tipton High School (Iowa)
    • “When we looked to change our student information system (Lunch, attendance and grading programs) for the 2009-2010 school year, we were looking for three things: Ease of use, cost effectiveness, and most importantly strong tech support. (continued)

      Tim Pahl
      Principal, Upsala Area Schools (Minnesota)
    • “There is no doubt that we received all three when we switched to JMC. I wish we would have made the switch years ago!! The cost for our previous student information system was two to three times what we are currently paying for JMC, and your tech support has been amazing. (continued)
      Tim Pahl
      Principal, Upsala Area Schools (Minnesota)
    • “With our past system when a problem arose we would have to wait weeks for a response. The number of wasted staff hours and the frustrations were unbelievable. Any school considering a change in student information systems should take a close look at JMC. They won't be disappointed!!!
      Tim Pahl
      Principal, Upsala Area Schools (Minnesota)