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The IP GradeBook allows teachers to efficiently record and track students' progress. Please familiarize yourself with the tabs below and use the resources in each tab to guide you through the school year.

If you are a new teacher at your school complete the following steps to learn how to use the classroom attendance and grading components of JMC.

1. Instructional Videos - To view an instructional video click on its name.
The following instructional videos will give you  great overview of the IP GradeBook and Online Classroom Attendance Entry (CAE)

  • Intro to the IP GradeBook Part 1: Learn basic IP GradeBook information including setting up grade cuttoffs, categories and assignments, entering scores and more.

2. Download the Documentation
The documentation for the IP GradeBook is extensive and complete. Many teachers will download it as a PDF to their desktop and view it on their computer as a reference tool instead of printing it out.

  • IP GradeBook: Download this comprehensive documentation to guide you when you use the IP GradeBook. Click here to download.
  • Online Attendance: Download this document as an instruction sheet for daily attendance. Click here to download.


3. View Other Resources
Listed here are some other resources available to you. These resources do not need to be viewed to understand and use the IP GradeBook but they do explore some parts of the IP GradeBook in greater depth.

  • Seating Charts: This instructional video will show you how to use seating charts.
  • Demo GradeBook: Some teachers may want to try out a demo gradebook before they start using their own. 

The documents below guide you through the process of preparing end of term grades and sending them to the office.


Ending the Term: Instructions to prepare and send term grades to the office. Click here to download.
These instructions can also be viewed below.

Exam Grades: This document will guide you through the two options for preparing Semester/Trimester/Year exam grades to be printed on report cards. Click here to download.


Instructions for Ending the Term

Important Note: You should do an “Office to Teacher” before you start any end of term work. After you start giving course comments you should not do an “Office to Teacher” because those course comments will be cleared out. There is no need to do an “Office to Teacher” daily.  You only need to do it when students come to your class or leaves you class permanently for the term. The “Office to Teacher” function intentionally clears out course comments so you do not accidentally give a comment from the previous term to a student for the new term.

  1. Review the Term Grade for each student in Scores: Assignment Scores. 

  2. The final Term Grade can be adjusted by clicking on that grade for that student and then choosing the grade you wish to give him/her. If a grade is chosen that does not equal their calculated percentage grade, a box will appear around it -- this is a “locked score”.

  3. If a student has a “locked score” but you do not wish them to have one, click on that score and scroll to the top of the grade choices and choose “calculated.”

  4. Prepare Grades to be sent to the office by going to Edit: Course Grades. 

  5. On the Course Grades screen verify the weight of each grading term by clicking on the “Weights->” button. 

  6. Import your Term Grades from the Assignment Scores screen by going to the Options menu and choose “Calculate (the Term you are grading) Grades from Scores.”

  7. (Optional) Input/Import your Sem/Tri/Year Exam grades if those grades will be printed on report cards. If you need instructions on how to input or import Exam Grades click here to download Exam Grades instructions.
  8. If necessary, calculate the Term Grade from the previous terms by going to the Options menu and choosing “Calculate (the Term you are grading).”
    Please Note: To calculate a Sem/Tri/Year Grade by averaging previous grades (ex. Qtr 1 + Qtr 2 = Sem 1 grade) you need to adjust the weights for the calculation.
    A. Click on the “Weights”
    button on the Edit: Course Grades screen.
    B. Edit the percent weight for each of
    the term grades used in the calculation

  9. Add comments to each student’s report card by moving the cursor to the “Cm” column and click on the comments on the right hand side of the screen. 

  10. Review the information for the class you are working on and move to the next class by hitting the “Course” pop-up menu button.

  11. After all classes have been completed you must send your grades to the office. Go to File: Teacher to Office. Check the appropriate boxes if you have entered in Grades and/or Standards and Benchmarks.

  12. Change the Term on your GradeBook to the next Term by going to the Term menu.

The resources below are instructions to help teachers through the elementary report card process (also known as Standards and Benchmarks).

Instructional Videos
The Standards and Benchmarks GradeBook instructional video is the first step in learning how to complete elementary report cards through JMC. This instructional video is meant to used in conjunction with the Standards and Benchmarks documentation below. Click here to view the Standards and Benchmarks GradeBook instructional video.

Standards and Benchmarks (Instructional Documentation)
: Pages 2-4 of the document is an overview of entering Standard and Benchmark results. Pages 5-8 show teachers how to tie assignments to Benchmarks to calculate Benchmark results. Page 9 shows the office staff how to print (Standards and Benchmarks) elementary report cards. Click here to download.

There are two ways to report midterm grades: a midterm report card and a progress report. Use the resources below to guide you through the process your school has chosen.


Midterm Report Card (Teacher): These instructions guide you through the process of preparing midterm grades and sending them to the office to be printed on a midterm report card. Click here to download.

Sending Progress Reports to the Office (Teacher): These instructions guide you through the process of preparing progress reports and sending them to the office to be printed. Click here to download.

Emailing progress reports is a fast and free way to deliver a progress report to any parents who want one in minutes. Download the instructions below to guide you through the steps of emailing progress reports.

Click here to download Emailing Progress Reports.

Are you interested in trying out a JMC demonstration GradeBook before you use your own? Follow the directions below to download and use the JMC demonstration GradeBook.

Notes about the Demo JMC GradeBook:

  • This GradeBook is set up with 3 courses, Math, Science, and Language Arts.  
  • The courses have grade cutoffs entered (A-F Grading scale) but no categories or assignments are entered. You can change the grade cutoffs if you like.
  • If you want to explore the Standards and Benchmarks portion of the GradeBook you can work with benchmarks that are attached to each of the classes and Grade 01. The marking system is as follows with the corresponding cutoffs in parentheses next to the result: 1 (80 %), 2 (60 %), 3 (40%), 4 (1%) NA - meaning not assessed (0%).

Directions to download and use the Demo JMC GradeBook

  1. Click here to download the Demo JMC GradeBook.
  2. Unzip/Unarchive the file. You may need help from your technology professional to do this.
  3. After the file has been unzipped/unarchived click on the Demo JMC GradeBook folder.
  4. Inside that folder you will find the JMC GradeBook icon -- double click it to start the GradeBook.
  5. Do not do an "Office to Teacher." This will cause the Demo GradeBook to not work and you will have to do the process again to get a new Demo JMC GradeBook.
  6. After you are done using the Demo JMC Gradebook, put it in the trash/recycle bin.

Do you need to download the IP GradeBook? Follow the directions below:

1. Choose the IP GradeBook you need below. Use the following guides to help you determine which IP GradeBook you need.

3. Once you have downloaded the software from our website, you may need to unarchive/unzip it. To unarchive/unzip it, double click it if you are using a Macintosh computer. If you are using a Windows computer, open the file and then choose the "Extract All" option. If you need help unarchiving the GradeBook, you may need to consult with your school's technology professional.

4. With the folder open containing the IP Gradebook, click on and drag the IP GradeBook to your desktop. Double click the icon to open the IP GradeBook. At this point you will need to enter your school's Server URL into the top line. There are typically two easy ways to do this:

  • Email yourself the Server URL from your IP GradeBook at school. This only works if the server URL is the same inside the school as it is outside your school. Ask your technology professional about this.
  • The Server URL is typically the same address as your school's Online Attendance. So, you can go to your school's Online Attendance and copy the URL (website address) from that page and paste it into your IP GradeBook Server URL spot.

5. At this point you can enter your username and your password and you are ready to start using the IP GradeBook. 

Current Documents