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JMC makes the life of your administrators easier in four ways!

  1. We allow administrators to easily run reports and track information which saves you time.
  2. JMC is easy to use so your staff will have more time to work on their many school responsibilities.
  3. The Admin Connect App allows you to stay connected using JMC "on-the-go" with your mobile device.
  4. We are the most cost-effective SIS available, saving your school money and keeping it in your classroom where it belongs.

The Admin App will be released in September 2017. Check back here for the link to download from the App Store and an instructional video showing you how to use this powerful tool.

The Discipline module allows you to easily maintain and report discipline violations and consequences. Student violations and consequences are totally customizable so you can set up fields to fit your school’s situation. You are also able to attach hand-typed comments to each discipline record to have even more flexibility in your discipline tracking records. You can click here to watch a discipline module overview video but please note the following updates:

1 - Teachers can send discipline referrals from the Online Teacher application. These referrals can be used to generate discipline records at the discretion of administrative personnel. You can click here to see the Gradebook 17-18 Update video and see this update at 0:50.

2 - When you approve, create, or edit a discipline record you can now easily email it to a parent/guardian, dean, administrator, or anyone else by entering the email adress in the top right corner of the screen.

3- The Discipline module contains reports that allow you to track an individual student’s discipline status or to look at violations or consequences across the entire student body. We have now added graphing to a discipline queery.

Our discipline module has been updated recently. An instructional video for this update should be available soon.

You can also use the Discipline documentation to guide you. Click here to download the Discipline documentation.

Every administrator uses JMC in different ways. If you will be using the Office Program on a daily basis, you can learn how to use JMC with these instructional videos.

Use these instructional videos to learn how to use the office program

Office Intro One - Overview - Click here to view - A brief overview of the JMC program

Office Intro Two - Intro to Usernames and Passwords - Click here to view - Introduction to entering various usernames and passwords

Office Intro Three - Student Data and Enrollment - Click here to view - Learn how to work with the Edit Student Data screen and enter new students

Office Intro Four - Parents, Guardians, and Contacts - Click here to view - Learn how to enter contacts and attach them to students

Instructional Videos